philippines relief trip

In just 2 days I’ll be on my way to Tacloban, Philippines with a group of about 20 people.  I signed up for this trip about a month ago only knowing that it was a relief trip for the hardest hit area of the recent typhoon to hit the Philippines. In the last few weeks, I have received only a small additional amount of information. I really had no idea what to expect until an email about two weeks ago that gave us a packing list. When I saw, “baby wipes – in case you don’t want to take a bucket bath”, I knew that this trip was going to be more intense than I originally thought.

Just the other day I received another email with an updated packing list which included a sleeping bag, boots (to keep out diseases in the water), disposable underwear, flashlight, mosquito repellent, etc. Oh man. My sister, Sara, asked me if I am regretting this trip now that I know more information. My quick response, “not at all!!” I am excited to go serve the people in need, and I am praying that our whole team is protected from any sicknesses while we serve.

Here are the details I know so far about the trip:

  • We will be serving in Tacloban with Kid’s International Ministry (KIM)
  • I will be serving alongside teachers, families, and teens from Morrison Academy
  • We are going to have health clinics, help with rebuilding, and children’s activities
  • We will be taking medical supplies and children’s toys over with us
  • We have reached our fundraising goal but will accept any additional donations to provide more medical supplies and help for the people in Tacloban
  • We don’t know what our housing/sleeping accommodations may be like
  • Dengue fever is now a concern with all the rain
  • There is limited electricity
  • We cannot wear flip flops because of Schistosomiasis – a parasite that is present in contaminated water

Do some of these details scare me? Of course! But I can only imagine how the people living there face these things every day.

Check out this video (on facebook) of someone who went to Tacloban with KIM back in December. Please pray for these people!!

If you would like to make a donation for this trip, click here!


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