Third time’s the charm

Just over a year ago Sara and I traveled out to Maolin in search of the “Duona High Suspension Bridge”. I love suspension bridges and was excited to walk across what is said to be one of the highest (338 feet / 103 meters) footbridges in Taiwan. We followed the windy roads up into the mountains and finally saw the bridge from afar but we couldn’t figure out how to actually get there. We got out a few times since the area is very pretty and walked around. After finding a blocked path that used to lead to the bridge, we decided to go home and try again another day.

A few months later we took our friend Laura to the same area, which has many scenic spots, and we tried to find the entrance to the bridge. After driving around for a while and asking some locals (Laura has a video of that) we finally found it!!…but it was closed. NOO!! A very nice man who was having tea next to the bridge informed us that it would reopen at the end of October. Yay!! He then invited us to join him for some tea with him. We said yes and had a nice little visit.

With busy schedules, we didn’t get around to traveling back to Maolin until today (January). Sara, Laura, and I (joined by our 3 little ones) ventured out one more time to finally conquer the suspension bridge. We knew where we were going this time so we got there much faster. 🙂 The construction on the bridge was finished and the bridge was open. We securely strapped the babies into their carriers and started walking across the bridge (me in the lead of course). In the middle of the bridge we took lots of pictures and FaceTimed with our families…just to show them how crazy we were taking our littles up there. Dad, of course, said, “you need to take me there when I come to Taiwan.” 🙂 The bridge rocked back and forth some but was very sturdy. We didn’t see this, but scooters will drive across the bridge as well. Fun!!

After enjoying the views, we hopped back in the car and headed for the “lovers waterfall”. We had packed a lunch for ourselves and wanted to eat by the waterfall. The 900 meter hike was super easy and we made it to the waterfall very quickly. Unfortunately we haven’t had much rain recently so there was not much water falling. We enjoyed our little picnic, met some other foreigners, and were on our way.

It was a beautiful day to get out and explore. We had lots of fun with our kiddos and they got to go to some cool places that they won’t remember, but they’ll have lots of pictures to show to their friends in the future. 🙂


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