The new normal

7 a.m. The baby is crying. I roll out of bed to go make a bottle for her. I walk out of my room and hear the toddler starting to whimper in her room down the hall. The day has started for me and my two foster babies.

Rewind 7 months. Sara and I are saying goodbye to our little Sweetpea for the summer. We’ve been fostering her for two months now and are very sad to leave her for 6 weeks, not knowing if we will be the ones to continue fostering her when we return to Taiwan at the end of July. After many prayers about continuing to foster Sweetpea, we return to Taiwan with the news that we will be able to foster her until the adoption is finalized. Sara and I are over the moon excited to have our little girl back, even if it is only for a short time.

Sara goes to work at Morrison everyday but has lots of love for her Sweetpea when she gets home in the afternoon. I am the one who stays home with Sweetpea and attempts to work for Xi En as well. It works pretty well at first. She is a good (11 month old) baby and keeps herself entertained much of the time, so I can get some media projects done.

August turns into September and we celebrate Sweetpea’s first birthday. She Skypes with her forever family, eats cake, and opens presents. Its a bittersweet day. The adoption seems like it will take longer than expected.

By October I’ve also fallen in love with a little one in the nursery and I start taking her out on the weekends. Sara watches Sweetpea and I watch Cookie. We are the crazy Hatcher sisters who always have babies with us (even though the children are not ours).

The months go by and Cookie starts to have some skin problems in the nursery. I take her out for a few extended periods of time because the nursery is so full that it is hard to focus on this issue. After the second time out nurse sends a text that says, “I wonder if Cookie should be fostered”. Immediately I start praying. Can I foster 2? Can I do it? Sweetpea is pretty busy but she does love it when Cookie is here. She even calls her “mei mei” (meaning little sister in Chinese). If she needs to be fostered can I see her go to another family? No. So I approach the director and tell her I am willing to foster. After more prayer, she says “ok”.

So on December 23, 2013, Sara and I start officially fostering our second baby. That means we have a 15 month old and 7 month old in the house.

We still don’t know how long their adoptions will take but we will be their foster family until their forever families come to get them. Life is definitely different for us having 2 babies all the time but we love it. Honestly the hardest part for me is that we live on the 3rd floor of a building with no elevators. That means that when I am home alone every day with them, I have to carry to 20(ish) lb babies up and down the stairs.

Do we ever get to sleep in? No. Do we have to do extra planning when we go anywhere? Yes. Do we spend many nights rocking sick or teething babies to sleep? Yes. Do we love every minute of it? YES!

Being a foster mom is absolutely amazing. It is both the most rewarding and hardest thing I’ve ever done. I cherish every day with these kiddos and I want to always remember what it is like to be a foster mom.


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