becoming a “mom”

One year ago, my life changed forever.  It was the day I unofficially became a “mom” (for 3 months) to a special little girl.

One of the first photos I have of Anna.

Messy Anna

I fostered Anna Banana for 3 months as we waited for her parents to arrive in Taiwan (check out the story here).  I never could have imagined what it would be like to be a “mom”…taking care of a child 24 hours a day and having that child rely on you for everything.  Even though I referred to myself as Anna’s “Auntie Ashleigh”, I was pretty much her “mom” for those 3 months she was with Taiwan Xi En.

Hanging out before bedtime 🙂

Hanging out in the car during a shopping trip.

It’s hard to think back to my time fostering Anna and not have a smile on my face.  Every so often, I pull up the photos and videos on my computer of Anna’s time with me.  She was such a happy baby with lots of giggles ready at all times.  I’ve never heard a child laugh as much as she did.  I can’t count the times that Sara and I cried from laughing so hard with Anna.

Loving the swing!

Happy girl!!

It was not all fun and games, though, with Anna.  She was/is the busiest baby I’ve ever seen. There are not enough toys in the world to distract her!  I was constantly saying “no” to her as she would crawl over her toys to the stereo or power cords.  I always thought that our house would never be baby-proof because Anna would find something to get into.  She also had her fair share of melt-downs or late night crying because of teething.  I remember the week of lack of sleep because of teething and sickness all rolled into one.  Even though we both had a lack of sleep, Anna (who was not a snuggler), snuggled close to me for comfort.  It’s the best feeling in the world to have a baby need you in their times of need.

This was the face I saw whenever she was upset.

Getting into trouble and knocking things over 🙂

Photo shoots were always fun 😉

When I asked to keep Anna until her parents arrived, I never imagined what I was getting myself into.  There were so many times that I thought I might go crazy as a “single mom” to this busy baby, but there were also so many times I thought that my heart might burst with the love I had for this sweet baby.  I wouldn’t change those 3 months for anything in the world.

Relaxing at Auntie Christel’s house

Having fun playing with boxes

I can’t believe it has been a year since I met Anna Banana.  She is now in Canada with her forever family and I have been loving on lots of other babies from Taiwan Xi En. I probably won’t be “mom” to other babies any time soon, but I can’t wait until I have that opportunity again, whether it be my own children or fostering someone else’s again.  I am so glad I had the opportunity to be Anna’s “mom” for a short time and I won’t ever forget the experiences I had.

With Anna Banana right before she left Taiwan


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